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The Power of Love (Prema Balam)

Young Malati and her mother, Purna, move to her uncle’s house in Vizag when Malati’s father dies in a scooter accident. There she meets and falls in love with her cousin, Bhaskar, a medical student. Bhaskar’s mother, Lalita, disapproves of the relationship, and when she learns Malati has a secret, insists the girl and her mother leave town immediately. Unaware of his mother’s demands, Bhaskar is left bewildered and brokenhearted. But Malati never forgets her first true love, Bhaskar, and he never forgets her. Unaware of Malati’s secret and his mother’s schemes to keep them apart, Bhaskar longs to one day find Malati again – before it’s too late.

Prema Balam was written by Kamaraju Susila and was first published in 1983 in the Telugu language. The timeless love story is lovingly translated by Susila’s daughter, Uma Eachempati.
"The Power of Love is a well-written story, sensitively rendered in English by Uma Eachempati, a loving and dedicated daughter of the author. This powerful tale explores what happens when time-honored custom conflicts with modern necessity, human emotion defies social propriety and the subjugation of the female gender suppresses matters of the heart, resulting in disaster."

                 Peter Green, Author of Crimes of Design
                   & Dad’s War With the United States Marines
About the Author
Kamaraju Susila comes from a family of writers. Her father wrote about philosophy; her husband, medicine; and her brother, history. A daughter works in so-cial sciences, a granddaughter in history, and a couple of nephews in economics and chemistry in thenext generation. Susila was neither a working woman nor an academic. What could she write about? What was her specialty? She could write about LOVE. Her marriage of sixty-two years gave her the passion in love to say that the bond between a man and woman is the strongest of all relationships. It is a pity that in modern times, this has become a rarity. 
Uma Eachempati is the daughter of Kamaraju Susila. She has a certificate in creative writing from Washington University, St Louis. This translation has been a labor of love. Uma lives in St Louis, Missouri, and is working on a collection of short stories. She is a retired obstetrician.
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&  The Power of Love
Kamaraju Susila & Uma Eachempati
​Whispers of the Heart

Susila encouraged her husband to do his part in the war. But after he is captured, she wonders how she can survive without him.Susila encouraged Rao, her husband and a physician, to do his part for India during World War II, but after he is captured and held prisoner in a Japanese internment camp, she wonders how she can survive without him. “Can I do it alone?” She’s not sure.As a child bride, and now a young woman with two small daughters, her identity is wrapped around her husband and her role asa wife. Now, even though she and her girls have moved in with her parents, she is distraught without Rao and fears constantly for his safety. How long can the war drag on? And when Rao returns, what will he be like? What will their life together be like?

'the power of love' takes you on a trip to India with their traditional customs but it is not the traditional love story.
While love and relationships are the basis of the book, it is not boring as it's full of twists and turns that result in the unimaginable.
i could not put it down.